SIS bags Inside Reality

Mimicking Landmark’s acquisition of Magic Earth, Schlumberger has bought Norwegian Virtual Reality specialist Inside Reality.

In a move reminiscent of Landmark’s acquisition of Magic Earth last year, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) has bought 3D virtual reality (VR) specialist Inside Reality (IR). IR’s technology was developed in conjunction with Norsk Hydro and Christian Michelsen Research, a Norwegian institute.


IR’s ‘Inside Earth’ VR system offers an immersive environment for well planning, geosteering and seismic interpretation. IR goes further than Magic Earth in the use of a fully immersive VR paradigm. Users interact with the reservoir through natural hand and body movements, such as walking, pointing and grabbing. Hydro claims a 90% reduction in turnaround time for planning of horizontal wells and ‘significant increases’ in oil production over conventionally-planned wells.


Hydro VP Jens Hagen said, “We plan most of our complex wells within IR which has had a major impact on the economics of field development. This has fueled the rapid uptake of the technology, with over 150 users in Hydro.” SIS will deploy IR it its iCenter VR visualization centers worldwide. IR connects to project databases via the OpenSpirit integration framework.

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