Landmark reveals SeisSpace/Linux strategy

A recently revealed benchmark test shows that Landmark’s latest SeisSpace processing software offers significant scalability and speed enhancements over vanilla ProMax.

Writing in the latest edition of in-house ProMax newsletter, Rick Williamson reveals Landmark’s strategy for Linux deployment in its new SeisSpace processing application. Williamson expects Linux to have a major impact on the E&P industry - especially for compute intensive applications like seismic processing. SeisSpace has been designed to take advantage of distributed parallel systems such as clustered Linux systems with parallel input and output.


A benchmark test performed by Landmark on a marine survey using shows a near four-fold improvement in parallel processing with SeisSpace over ProMax 2003.3. Both SeisSpace and a hybrid processing solution consisting of embedded ProMax code running within SeisSpace are anticipated to have near linear scalability up to and beyond 16 processing nodes.


Initially SeisSpace will be an optional component of ProMax that will add 3D prestack time migration to the processing workflow. Eventually though, SeisSpace will replace ProMax in Landmark’s product catalogue. SeisSpace will share code and integrate with DecisionSpace - Landmark’s ‘next wave’ E&P technology that offers a common desktop and data viewers.

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