Open Spirit extends to ArcView connection

OpenSpirit Corp. has announced new tools to leverage ESRI’s ArcView as a data management front end to OpenSpirit-enabled data stores.

Open Spirit has just released two components to integrate upstream data with ESRI’s ArcView. The Open Spirit Shapefile utility scan projects, in any OpenSpirit supported data store and outputs ESRI Shapefiles for a variety of upstream data objects. Well locations, 3D seismic survey outlines etc. can be extracted. Regular batch updates keep the Shape files up to date with the project data.

Spatial view

ArcView, or any other application capable of reading Shape files can be used to spacially view data contained in multiple project sets, reducing the time it takes to locate data of interest.

ArcView Extension

The OpenSpirit ArcView Extension works with the Shape files generated by the Shape Utility and turns ArcView into an OpenSpirit-enabled application. A user can connect to an OpenSpirit session and broadcast cursor tracking locations and object selection events to other OpenSpirit-enabled application’s.

Shipping now!

OpenSpirit now ships ESRI-enabled well, section and 3D viewers ‘free’ with its runtime environment. ArcView can now be used as a geographic data selection front-end. The OpenSpirit viewer can locate, visualize and QC the data prior to loading to a OpenSpirit-enabled applications.

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