Wellogix for Burlington

Burlington has selected software from Wellogix to improve collaboration between drillers and engineers.

Burlington Resources has begun pilot testing Wellogix’ Internet software to improve communication within project teams and to enhance engineers’ working environments by providing instant access to information. Initially the new tool will be deployed in drilling and completion services.


Burlington project manager David Radar said, “We expect that Wellogix’ software will create value for Burlington by increasing the productivity of our people and improving the way we do business. High data visibility, improved accuracy and dependable data transfer, are part of Burlington’s goals as we continue to improve our business practices.”


Wellogix has received ‘SysTrust’ third-party security assurance for its WorkFlowNavigator suite following an audit by Ernst & Young. Wellogix maintains effective control over its applications by providing them in ASP-mode. More from www.wellogix.com.

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