Stabview 2.0 out real soon now!

StabView 2.0 is to be released later this year and will extend . AGI’s drilling software to multi-zone analysis and design.

Originally announced in June 2000 (Oil ITJ Vol. 5 N° 6), Advanced Geotechnology’s (AGI) StabView 2.0 is due for released in March this year. StabView is AGI’s multi-zone borehole stability, lost circulation, fracturing and sand production analysis software.

Joint industry project

StabView 2.0 was developed with financial support from Chevron, Shell, Petrobras, Nexen, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, PTAC, IRAP, the Drilling Engineering Association and others.


Version 2.0 adds comprehensive multi-zone modeling with advanced analysis and design capabilities for well planning. Version 1.5 will be maintained for single-zone ‘quick-look’ analyses and training purposes.

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