KSI - less stress for drillers

Knowledge Systems’ Geostress software computes rock mechanical parameters in real time during drilling.

Drilling software specialist Knowledge Systems Inc. (KSI) has just released Drillworks/Geostress for real-time wellbore stability analysis. A Design/Analysis Mode enables the user to perform calculations to investigate the sensitivity of mud weight to wellbore parameters.


KSI VP Technology Terrel Miller said, “Geostress provides wellbore stability analysis while drilling is underway and helps in planning mud programs, wellbore trajectories and minimizes surprises associated with wellbore instability. Models developed in the planning stage can be updated while drilling.”

WITS data link

Geostress integrates KSI’s Drillworks/Predict overpressure package and benefits from real-time MWD/LWD data in the industry-standard WITS format.

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