Affordable cluster from Rocketcalc

Rocketcalc’s Redstone 8 CPU Linux cluster promises low cost multi-GigaFlop performance.

Ohio-based startup Rocketcalc has introduced a compact, economical cluster computer for scientific computing, parallel code development and graphics applications. ‘Redstone’ is a diskless Linux cluster, containing eight Pentium III processors, connected by 100Mbps, switched Ethernet and housing up to 8GB PC-133 SDRAM.


Redstone is powered by Motor, an embedded Linux distribution residing in non-volatile flash RAM. Motor is described as a robust and easy-to-manage system that integrates with x86 Linux computers. The included software provides a simple interface for system monitoring, power control, and cluster management.


Bryan Lewis, principal partner at Rocketcalc said, “Our idea is to provide high-performance, low cost and easy to manage hardware and software, designed from the user’s perspective.” More from

A top of the range Redstone with 8 x 1GHz Pentium III processors, 8GB Total system RAM (1GB/processor) and 256MB Flash RAM costs $6,500.

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