Global Mapper from Rockware

Rockware’s Global Mapper offers geo-data browsing and map making from a range of formats.

Global Mapper (GM) from Rockware provides GIS data browsing, merger, import and export of a range of vector, raster and elevation data sets. GM also works as a file format converter, for previewing data exporting to a wide variety of other GIS data formats.


GM can visualize most popular GIS data formats, including DLG-O, DRG, DOQ, DEM, DXF, SDTS DLG, SDTS DEM, MrSID, ESRI Shapefiles, E00, GTOPO30, TerrainBase, ETOPO2 and more.


The package can export vector, raster, and elevation data to a variety of formats. Data from disparate sources, scales and projections can be merged before export in vector formats such as USGS DLG-O, AutoCAD DXF and ESRI Shapefiles. Raster data export formats include GeoTIFF, various Digital Elevation Model (DEM) formats and ASCII grids.


Contours can be created from disparate elevation data types and exported to DXF, DLG-O, or ESRI Shapefile formats. Other GM functionality includes screen capture, batch file conversions and pop-up descriptions of features on mouse-over. GM pricing starts at $129.00 for a single-user license. More from

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