Wellogix web software for Repsol YPF

Repsol is testing e-business software from Wellogix in a pilot project at Neuquen, Argentina.

Repsol YPF is to deploy Wellogix software to streamline the specification process for oilfield services, and to enhance engineers’ working environments, by improving internal communication among project teams.


The initial stage of the deployment will focus on a drilling project in Neuquen, Argentina and will center around five service categories: Stimulation, Primary Cementing, Drilling Mud, Logging Services, and Geological Control. The pilot project aims to test the capabilities of the solution and define workflows, before rollout to other areas.


Repsol’s E&P e-Business director Agustin Diz said, “We realized that integrating processes between contractors and oil companies is critical for success. Wellogix enables this through its own tools and integration to third party applications.”


The Repsol deal is Wellogix’ first ‘customer-led’ project from outside North America. Wellogix’ software streamlines workflow, improves collaboration, enhances communication with service providers, connects financial and technical data, and strengthens knowledge management for business projects of any size.

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