Petris reassembles the Geonet pieces

Petris Technology is to offer pay-as-you-go access to software from third party vendors such as Resolve Geosciences and Edinburgh Petroleum Systems, leveraging ASP technology.

Following the demise of Geonet in September last year (see Oil ITJ Vol. 6 N° 10), Petris is picking up the pieces of the failed Application Service Provision (ASP) offering. Petris has just announced Petris Winds Now!, an on-demand ASP software application and services platform for the energy industry. Winds Now! provides software applications from a variety of third party developers in return for a monthly subscription.


Winds Now! is set ‘to shorten project cycle times and increase productivity’ on core business functions by providing easy access to ‘best-in-class’ applications via the Internet. Winds Now! software hails from various independent software vendors in the areas of geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, production, asset and inventory management, economics, process engineering and construction. Another new release is PetrisWINDS Plan-IT, a new enterprise collaboration software package that applies the power of the Internet to collaborative teamwork, workflow and communications.


Winds Now! product manager Don Humphries said, “A single contract with Petris, gives affordable and immediate access to software from any location with minimal up-front expenditure. Winds Now! gives users the latest versions of critical applications available, allowing them to concentrate on core business rather than software-related issues.”


Available software includes Cossey and Associates’ turbidite field and reservoir database, Ensyste Energy Software’s Prophet, iTREX’s asset and inventory management system and Gastar IV package, Edinburgh Petroleum Services Wellflo and PanSystem (a well test simulator), Engineering Software’s thermodynamics package, Resolve GeoSciences’ SeisShow, Terrasciences TerraStation II and Ultramarine’s MOSES.

8.5% rise

According to Gartner Dataquest, the energy and utility sectors’ IT spend will rise by 8.5% in 2002, leading Petris CEO Jim Pritchett to believe, “The future looks bright for on-demand applications outsourcing and web services and Petris is leading the way.” Additional software deals are in the pipeline and software from Computer Modeling Group, Kernel Technologies, Maurer, Theta Enterprises and Invensys will soon be blowing in the Petris Winds.

Winds Enterprise

Petris is expecting to leverage its own Winds Enterprise data management solution and is working on Enterprise adapters to the ASP-served software. Both Winds Enterprise and Now! will allow for select applications to be installed behind a client firewall, leveraging a company’s intranet infrastructure.

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