Gas Hydrates drilling study

AGI is to study gas hydrates for the USGS prior to Canadian drilling test.

AGI has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to investigate the effects of drilling, thermal stimulation and gas production on casing stability in the Mallik 5L-38 gas hydrate research well. In February and March, 2002 a group of companies and research organizations are to drill, complete and test a gas hydrate reservoir in the Mackenzie Delta of the Northwest Territories, Canada.


Gas hydrates are a little understood but potentially rich energy source. They are thought to be responsible for bottom-tracking seismic reflections seen over many of the world’s oceans. In November 2000 a trawler brought up massive amounts of gas hydrate (one ton or more) off Vancouver Island. The strange substance boiled away in front of the startled fishermen’s eyes.

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