Blue Marble GeoObjects 3.0

Geographical projection specialist Blue Marble has released a new version of its ActiveX cartographic software component.

Blue Marble Geographics ‘the geographic software tool company’ has released a new version of its GeoObjects ActiveX control with over 50 enhancements. GeoObjects 3.0 allows Windows developers to add mapping and GIS capabilities to their software applications.


GeoObjects supports most mapping formats and allows for map re-projection on the fly. GeoObjects map control displays the following formats directly without the need for translation or coordinate system conversion: - MapInfo Table, ESRI Shapefile and Atlas GIS, AutoCAD, Excel, MrSID, ECW, TIFF, and others.

Collision avoidance

New cartographic display features include new line styles and fill patterns, highways shields, and text effects. Automatic labeling now offers ‘intelligent’ collision avoidance. Blue Marble currently serves 120,000 customers in over 60 countries. More from

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