Dawson teams with 4th Wave

4th Wave Imaging is working with Dawson geophysical to develop cutting edge solutions for high-end seismic processing.

Midland-based Dawson Geophysical Co. has entered into a two-year agreement with 4th Wave Imaging, a California-based group of specialists in the processing and analysis of 3D, 4D and multi-component seismic data.

Cutting edge

4th Wave Imaging will provide technical consulting services along with R&D into cutting-edge seismic processing. 4th Wave are to retain intellectual property rights (IPR) to any new software, technique or patent that may arise from the collaboration while providing Dawson with a perpetual, royalty free license to such developments.


The companies will also co-develop new technology for acquisition, processing and analysis of land surface seismic data. Dawson has been in business for 50 years and now has six high channel 3D seismic crews with 4D and multi-component capabilities. Dawson operates throughout the continental United States with primary operations in the western states.

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