New LAS Tools from Logtech

LogTech’s LAS Tools V3.88 offers resampling of irregular depth data. LogTech has also announced new LAS certification software from the Canadian Well Logging Society.

A new version of Calgary-based LogTech’s LAS Tools was released last month. LAS Tools Pro V 3.88 was the fourth major release of 2001.

Irregular depth

LAS Tools 3.88 now reads and converts irregularly depth sampled files including non-log data files such as core data and mud logs. Irregular depth-sampled data is resampled to a consistent, user-defined depth interval suitable for input into other software applications.

Math enhanced

LAS Tools’ Perform Math interface has been improved so that it saves descriptions along with equations used. Curve Name, Units, and Description fields are automatically retrieved along with a saved equation.


While outside the scope of LAS Tools, LogTech has received reports from users concerning badly-formed LAS files. The solution is available on the website of the Canadian Well Logging Society.

Data certification

Here there is a new LAS data certification routine which automatically detects and highlights non compliant LAS data. You can download the LAS data certification tool from

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