OpenWorks Release ‘2003’

A new release, the fourth in its history, of Landmark Graphics’ Open Works integrated software provides a foundation for its new Linux-based products and optimized field development.

Landmark Graphics Corp. has just announced delivery of Release 2003 (R2003) of its OpenWorks integrated interpretation software and data management environment. R2003 enables oil companies to ‘identify and qualify prospects faster, plan wells better and optimize field development and production.’ R2003 is the foundation for increased product availability on Linux. Seismic processing (ProMax) and reservoir modeling (VIP) have been ported to Linux, other products will be announced later in the year.


Landmark president and CEO John Gibson said of the release, “Landmark’s technology targets the bottom line, enabling our customers to lower finding, developing and lifting costs. Responding to the need for more efficient use of IT, we’ve delivered greater productivity and reduced infrastructure costs. The expanded integration footprint now includes development and production, for closer collaboration and increased productivity. This ASP-ready release provides broad support for internally and externally hosted environments that can lead to significantly reduced hardware and infrastructure costs.”


Executive VP marketing, John Sherman added, “The new release ‘raises the bar’ by enabling optimized field development by integrating surface facilities visualization, surface pipeline modeling and broad streamlining of seismic-to-simulation workflows and decision making. During the development of R2003 we implemented tuning and scalability enhancements for a customer with 1.7 million wells in its OpenWorks database.”


Murray Roth, VP Exploration and Development Systems concluded, “The key to productivity improvement is to optimize those work processes with most impact on the bottom line. Our comprehensive approach includes: ergonomic improvements, facilitating expanded team collaboration, and optimizing pure application performance. Customer benchmarks have revealed that our recent enhancements, including reduced button clicks and speedup of application initialization, have resulted in a 50% productivity improvement in core interpretation workflows.


Similar enhancements to our mapping package, including user interface and integration enhancements, have resulted in a doubling of productivity in mapping workflows and a 25% improvement in large-survey seismic processing


R 2003 supports the latest UNIX platforms from Sun Microsystems and SGI, providing optimized performance on state-of-the-art hardware. R2003 leverages the new data management capabilities of Oracle 8. Remote application display enables optional selection of Windows desktops for end-users with applications located on in-house, or hosted servers.

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