Completions and workovers

Aussie research organization CSIRO is developing well completion and workover software for Petrobras and Anadarko

Scientists from CSIRO, the Australian national research council, are developing a software and data management system to help optimize well completions and workover operations. The new tool has been developed from CSIRO’s Genesis drilling analysis and well design package. Genesis comprises a data analyzer and designer module and leverages experience gathered in previous drilling activity.


CSIRO team leader Edson Nakagawa said, “The new Completions module will help users retrieve knowledge for use in similar areas and conditions. New well completions often use similar production strings and operational procedures. The same principle will be applied to workovers – with a database of intervention and maintenance history.”

Noble Engineering

Genesis is sold through Noble Engineering. The new software development is sponsored by Noble, Petrobras and Anadarko.

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