Rock Solid Images Petro Tools V2.7

Rock Solid Images’ PetroTools rock physics software now offers shear wave synthetics

Rock Solid Images, a spin-off of Amos Nur’s Stanford research program, has released a new version of PetroTools. Release 2.7 shipped last month and includes new features such as a Hertz-Mindlin-Hashin-Shtrikman (HSHM) Build-Rock tool based on a model developed by Dvorkin and Nur. This technique is said to have been tested in many clastic environments.

Shear wave

An HMHS shear wave velocity predictor and a ‘modified patchy fluid mixer’ (great for Bloody Marys!), based on research by Sengupta and Mavko are also available in the new release.


A FlexLM license manager is now available for the software to optimize occasional use of the software in a multi-user environment. PetroTools petrophysical analysis and seismic modeling is used by over 250 licensees worldwide.

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