Paradigm updates applications

Paradigm has announced new software for structural model validation and seismic attribute analysis for its Epos integration platform.

Paradigm Geophysical has released GeoSec 3D—a new system for structural restoration and balancing of geological 3D models. GeoSec leverages the model building capabilities of SolidGeo, Paradigm’s model-building solution, and runs on the Epos 2.0 integration framework. GeoSec’s structural analysis tools facilitate the identification of interpretation errors by generating restored geologic surfaces, at either regional or prospect scale. Interpreters can build and validate structurally robust geologic models that accurately represent their interpretation data.


Franco Spano, GeoSec Product Manager, said, “GeoSec minimizes risk due to insufficient knowledge about the tectonic regime and its impact on exploration projects.” Paradigm has also released two new seismic attribute packages—‘Data’ and ‘Feature’. The Seismic Data Attributes package is made up of some twenty attributes which can be used to enhance physical and geometric descriptions of the subsurface.


The package also includes geometric properties to highlight lateral relationships in seismic data. One of these, ‘Lightscape,’ is a new transformation for the ‘illumination’ of the subsurface. The Seismic Feature package extends imaging capability with attributes designed to detect thin beds (spectral decomposition), isolate attenuation zones, and enhance subsurface discontinuities.

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