New Zealand seismic software

New Zealand’s Institute of Geological Sciences has released a new version of its Globe Claritas seismic processing suite.

New Zealand-based Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd (GNS) has released a new version of its seismic processing software targeting the international market. Globe Claritas is described as a complete 2D and 3D land and marine seismic processing system that is already used in oil exploration in seven countries.

V 3.8

Globe Release 3.8 runs on Unix and Linux and handles 2D and 3D exploration surveys, wide-angle deep crustal seismic sounding and ground penetrating radar.


A new job control system provides for spreadsheet-based management and submission of processing parameters. Multiple production runs can be set up—speeding complex testing sequences. Spreadsheets can be updated by processing jobs to generate QC information.


A new GUI brings context-sensitive layout and pop-up forms for every utility along with point-and-click functionality and a new user-focused help system. Also new is a ‘seismic difference’ window and interactive display.


GNS claims a significant reduction in key module run times. Other enhancements include interactive wavelet extraction, a parabolic Radon demultiple module, power spectrum and amplitude histogram display and Linux support for disc files greater than 2 Gbytes. More from

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