… and PIDX ‘first’ for Anadarko

Digital Oilfield is claiming a ‘first’ in its use of the API’s PIDX XML standard for invoice processing. Anadarko transacted with logging specialist Lonkar through Digital Oilfield’s OpenInvoice application.

Calgary-based Digital Oilfield recently hosted what is claimed as the first PIDX XML Invoice Transaction. The transaction, based on the American Petroleum Institute’s new PIDX XML standard, was successfully brokered by Digital Oilfield’s OpenInvoice application. Anadarko Canada Corporation received an invoice from wireline contractor Lonkar Services Ltd. through Oilfield’s Open-Invoice e-business application.


Digital Oilfield has worked closely with operating companies and suppliers to help develop the API PIDX document standards to support upstream oil and gas processes, and was an active participant in the PIDX ComProServ (Complex Products and Services) sub-committee. In 2000 and 2001, Digital Oilfield was a member of the first pilot team of ComProServ that developed and tested electronic field ticket to invoice transactions between suppliers and operating companies. The current production version of OpenInvoice supports the PIDX XML transaction standards using PIDX formats for invoice document exchange


Lonkar controller Wayne Forrest said, “This new functionality has enabled us to import invoices and information directly from our own system into OpenInvoice—and has opened up new opportunities to work with other operating companies.”


Digital Oilfield president Rod Munro said, “We understand that the creation and adoption of standards is a key component in the success of e-business. Previous efforts in this area, in particular EDI, have met with limited success because there was still a great deal of customization required on both the buyer and seller’s side of a transaction. With the PIDX XML standards, we now have a format that has been sanctioned by the API, and that will greatly simplify this process for all participants in a transaction. We are very pleased to be the first company to use this standard in a live invoice transaction.” The press release did not say whether Anadarko has actually paid the invoice yet!

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