President Fox visits Pemex seismic center

President Vicente Fox was in attendance at the opening of Paradigm’s new Mexican visualization center. Fox saw how VoxelGeo was used in a recent Pemex discovery.

Paradigm’s Mexican associate

Geoprocesados has found a new use for the Visionarium—wowing the President! Mexican head of state Vicente Fox expressed his admiration for the technology during the opening of a new visualization center dedicated to Pemex’s CNPS (Centro Nacional de Processamiento Seismico).


Speaking at the inauguration,
Geoprocesados general manager Javier Rubio said, “We’re very happy about our cooperation with Paradigm, which helps us provide Pemex with the latest technology.”


CNPS general manager Arturo Perez Aldana added, “Advanced technology use is crucial for exploration in the complex geology of our region. Paradigm’s solutions enable us to achieve results in a fraction of the time it would take using other methods.”


CNPS deploys Paradigm’s VoxelGeo, GeoDepth, Probe and StratiMagic software. At the inauguration a major recent discovery was presented by Pemex Exploration Manager Adan Oviedo who emphasized Pemex’s success in implementing new technologies to improve exploration results.

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