Divestco catches ‘rat’

Divestco has acquired Digi-Rule—the developer of the hand-held ‘rat’ seismic digitizing system.

Digi-Rule—best known for its ‘rat’ digitizer—has been acquired by Calgary-based Divestco.com Inc. Divestco specializes in oil and gas mapping and data retrieval software, geophysical interpretation software, mineral rights divestment, seismic data brokerage and seismic data services.


Divestco president Matthew Puzey said, “Digi-Rule’s geological and synthetic seismic applications and Divestco’s mapping, geophysical, data management and retrieval applications create the most comprehensive suite of oil and gas software available in Canada.”


In January 2001 Divsestco amalgamated with Petromap and CD PubCo. The company offers monthly, online land auctions, the MapQ base mapping system, and the GeoVista Geographic Information System. More from www.divestco.com.

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