Petoro opts for ASP

State oil company Petoro AS has selected Landmark’s Norwegian subsidiary PetroData to supply hosted applications and data.

Landmark’s Norwegian unit PetroData has signed with the recently established Norwegian state-owned company Petoro AS for the delivery of petrotechnical software, along with integrated data and application management services. These will be provided from PetroData’s hosting centre in Stavanger. Petrodata will use Landmark’s Team Workspace portal to serve applications from Landmark, Roxar (RMS) and other vendors. Petoro will use the hosted data and software to enable collaboration with license operators, partners and consultants.


Tor Skjaerpe, technology director for Petoro said, “Petoro’s benefits from this solution are increased flexibility, lower operating cost and improved availability over traditional in-house data and applications management. The solution will also implements a ‘virtual asset’ which will enable Petoro to work in network-based teams together with operators, partners, public bodies and consultants. Petoro chose Petrodata based on their track record for information hosting solutions and a competitive price.”

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