IHS new oil forecasting service

Newly re-baptized IHS Energy (the ‘group’ is no more) has announced a new online production forecast reporting service.

IHS Energy has launched a monthly oil production and forecasting service. The ‘Global Oil Production and Forecasting Report’ provides production data, forecasts and commentary on countries producing more than 50,000 barrels of oil per day.


The report is available online through IHS Energy’s Global E&P Information (GEPS) Portal and provides a reference for professionals evaluating E&P opportunities. The Report also targets banks, utilities, contractors, governments and national oil companies, consultants, analysts, traders and oil shippers.


IHS Energy VP Nick Duncan said, “The new Report is compiled from our scouting and production databases so we can provide accurate and consistent data including production statistics, historical tabulation and charts for annual production as well as maps for key basin areas.”

Name change

Meanwhile IHS Energy Group is to change its name to a more straightforward ‘IHS Energy.’ Still doesn’t do anything for the dreaded spellchecker that ‘fixes’ IHS into HIS as fast as you can type!

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