OpenSpirit embeds ArcView

A new release of the OpenSpirit cross-vendor integration platform includes a GIS data selector built with ESRI’s ArcView.

OpenSpirit (OS) has released Version 2.4 of its application integration platform. OS R 2.4 includes extensions for ESRI’s ArcView Geographical Information System (GIS). The new GIS utilities include the OS Shapes Utility and the OS ArcView Extension. These allow an end-user to browse, visualize and manage seismic, interpretation and well data simultaneously from data stores including Landmark’s OpenWorks, and GeoQuest’s GeoFrame and Finder project data stores.


OS’s CTO Clay Harter says, “The new GIS utilities leverage companies’ existing investment in ArcView and reduce the time it takes to locate and incorporate all relevant data—even with data spanning multiple vendor project data stores, or different versions of the same data store.”


The OS ArcView Extension works as a data selection tool for all OS-enabled applications. The GIS utilities work with all OS viewers including the Section viewer, Well viewer and 3D viewer. Other new OS functions include a revised interpretation system, 2D seismic support, a coordinate transformation service and a new C++ developer library.

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