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Deloitte and Touche expands in Aberdeen, while folks are moving in Trade-Ranger, Seitel, POSC and PGS.

Deloitte and Touche’s Petroleum Group (fomerly part of Arthur Andersen) has formed a centre of excellence in Aberdeen to be managed by senior partner Derek Henderson.


Trade-Ranger has appointed John Wilson as president and CEO. Wilson was previously with Landmark and Veritas DGC.


Seitel has announced the appointment of Larry Lenig, Jr., as CEO and president. Lenig’s last job was as president, N. America with Paradigm Geophysical.


The Petroleum Open Software Corp. (POSC) has announced its new board as follows—David Archer (POSC), Peter Breunig (ChevronTexaco), Andy Lane (Landmark), Gary Lore (MMS), Steve Peacock (BP), Bill Ragosa (ExxonMobil), Stewart Robinson (UK DTI), Yogesh Sinha (ONGC), Ihab Toma (Schlumberger), Eldad Weiss (Paradigm Geophysical) and Herb Yuan (Shell).


Struggling PGS has a new CEO in Svein Rennemo.

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