Petrel 2002 workflow

A new release of Petrel’s workflow tools includes enhanced geostatistics and automated fault connections.

Acquisition by Schlumberger has not slowed Petrel’s software development. The latest edition of Workflow Tools 2002 claims more speed in fault modeling and volume calculations, and new improvements in facies modeling and surface editing. The Process Manager has been upgraded to aid automatic plotting. A new tool now auto-connects branching and crossing faults while other functions have been added for a variety of 2D surface edits.


A truncated Gaussian algorithm using the GSLIB geostatistical toolkit has been added for modeling prograding geological environments such as river deltas, carbonate systems etc. where facies variations often follow a sequence. Other new developments include improvements to the seismic autotracker (which can now use surfaces as trends) and new options for upscaling.

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