Spotfire DecisionSite for reservoir engineering

A new extension to Spotfire’s DecisionSite analysis tool allows asset team members to analyze multi-disciplinary data. Spotfire Decision Site for Reservoir Analysis was developed with help from ChevronTexaco’s geoscientists, engineers and managers.

Spotfire has just announced a new extension of its DecisionSite analytical tool. DecisionSite for Reservoir Analysis (DSRA), developed jointly with ChevronTexaco, allows managers, engineers and geoscientists to pool and analyze large quantities of disparate technical and business data.


DSRA lets an asset team member ‘use data from outside his or her domain’. DSRA builds an ‘information library’ of production and other data from different application sources and provides pre-screening, analysis and post-processing of ‘disparate technical and economic reservoir data’. Tabular data is imported and stored in a multi-dimensional hypercube for display and analysis.

Guided analytics

DSRA offers data visualization and reservoir analysis with ‘guided analytics’ – canned views of data such as maps and decline curves. Text wizards suggest what you might want to do with a dataset. Production data can be merged with field ‘notes’ i.e. tubing leaks, rod/pump behavior etc. This can reveal relationships between in-field failures and equipment or operating conditions changes. Hypotheses can then be tested on larger data sets.


Spotfire VP marketing David Butler said, “With hundreds of thousands of dollars riding on their decisions, the oil and gas industry is strongly motivated to speed cross-domain decision-making. But interpretation tools are not well suited for this objective. DSRA leverages existing investments in data, tools and best practices from individual experts.”


Spotfire and ChevronTexaco have co-staffed a project team to interview internal experts within ChevronTexaco to specify opportunities for analytic applications. The Spotfire team collected requirements and developed prototypes working directly with asset teams to fine-tune DSRA.

Drill down

Spotfire believes that asset team decisions involve a many business and technical factors. While discipline-specific tools exist to analyze each of these, they lack the ability to enable knowledge sharing and collaboration in the asset team. Because the application is based on the DecisionSite guided analytics platform, teams can perform constant ‘what-if’ portfolio analysis, capturing and deploying best practices for problem solving while making team-level decisions.

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