Transaction standard for buyers and sellers

Buyer-side grouping Trade Ranger and supplier association OFS Portal have reached an agreement which will underpin electronic transactions throughout the oil and gas industry.

Trade-Ranger and OFS Portal have signed an agreement to provide a framework for members of both organizations to transact electronically with each other. The agreement provides an avenue for Trade-Ranger buyer members to access OFS Portal suppliers’ electronic catalogue content through the Trade-Ranger marketplace. In addition, Trade-Ranger, OFS Portal and their respective buyers and suppliers will continue to cooperate on developing industry-wide electronic data standards through Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX), the electronic commerce committee of the American Petroleum Institute (API).


Bertrand Deroubaix, e-procurement VP with TotalFinaElf and Trade Ranger president said, “This agreement brings together key buyer and supplier organizations in the upstream oil and gas sector and is an important step in advancing global e-procurement initiatives in our industry. OFS Portal members make up an important group of suppliers for Trade-Ranger’s buyer members. Many are global leaders and have demonstrated a strong commitment to e-procurement.”

Le Sage

OFS Portal CEO Bill Le Sage said, “Since our initial contact with Trade Ranger last year, we have had one mission, to make e-procurement a cost-effective and trusted process. Our agreement with Trade Ranger is another step toward realizing that goal. We have worked closely with some of the largest oil and gas members of Trade-Ranger and their support, along with the support of our members, has been critical to achieving this milestone.”


Jeff Helms, Trade Ranger CEO added, “The establishment of industry-wide content and transaction standards is critical to achieving the benefits of e-procurement. This agreement allows Trade-Ranger to progress in its standardization efforts, and will advance the e-procurement initiatives of our buyer members and members of OFS Portal. It’s an important step in making e-procurement in our industry a reality.” Trade-Ranger’s founding members are ConocoPhillips, The Dow Chemical Company, ENI, Mitsubishi Corporation, Motiva Enterprises, Repsol YPF, Royal Dutch/Shell, Statoil, TotalFinaElf, Unocal, Occidental Petroleum and BP. OFS Portal’s members are ABB, Ambar Lone Star Fluid Services, Baker Hughes, BJ Services, Cooper Cameron, ENSCO, FMC Technologies, Greene Tweed, Halliburton, Hydril, Kvaerner, M-I, Schlumberger, Smith, Grant Prideco, TETRA and Weatherford.

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