e-Biz for Shell

Shell is to use the CIS Alliance’s new online consumables ordering system developed by Craig Group International.

CIS, the oilfield procurement division of UK-based Craig Group, has teamed with other suppliers on an on-line stock catalogue. The CIS Alliance will allow companies to check out stock, obtain prices and create an order on the web.


CIS MD David Allan said, “Companies have many consumables suppliers. By using one online procurement service, paperwork, administration can be reduced and cycle times shortened.”


Shell adviser on strategic sourcing, Chris Miller added, “Today within Shell, e-procurement accounts for 3-5% of an annual $22 billion spend on goods and services. Shell’s Businesses are already planning to raise this to 60% within the next two years.” The CIS Alliance catalogue was built by Oilcats. The system was developed for internet access by First eBusiness.

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