E-catalog standards mature

OFS Portal—the supplier-side e-business grouping has signed with UK-based Oilcats for the development of a products and services classification system based on the API/PIDEX ComProServ e-business standard.

Aberdeen-based Oilcats and OFS Portal have signed an agreement to develop product and services classification standards. OFS Portal, a group of upstream oil and gas suppliers is working with the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX), the e-commerce committee of the API (American Petroleum Institute) to develop a products and services classification system for use in the US upstream oil and gas industry. Oilcats is doing similar work in the UK in conjunction with the UK DTI’s Logic initiative.

8,500 templates

Oilcats has already developed over 8,500 product templates used by the UK oil and gas industry. These will eventually cover ‘every type of component, product and services for oilfield work’—a market of
£ 300 million. The new joint development assures ‘a global approach to standards development’.


Oilcats is to map its data templates to the PIDX standards. Oilcats MD Dave Andrews said, “As the only company offering this type of service in the UK, the potential opportunities for us here and in the US are huge, particularly in light of recent drives within the sector for standardization and cost efficiency.” Oilcats specializes in materials data control and inventory analysis and boasts an annual turnover of £1.25 million. Oilcats’ clients include AGIP, BP, Mobil, Shell and Talisman.


DTI e-standards chair Dave Rodger added, “This initiative will make electronic transactions between our industries much easier. By jointly working towards common standards, we can reduce costs and improve business operating efficiencies.”

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