Exprodat’s Project Administrator

Exprodat has now completed its trio of Landmark-focused web based helper applications. WOW and the Archiver are now joined by Project Administrator, developed for Marathon and Anadarko.

Denver-based Exprodat Technology Inc. has just released ‘Project Administrator’ (PA), a web-based application for monitoring, diagnosing and reporting on Unix project environments. PA monitors Landmark and other projects from a single, integrated web console. The application was originally developed for Anadarko and Marathon Oil.


Anadarko’s geophysical data supervisor Susie Foss said, “PA offers a powerful set of utilities that replace all of the piecemeal, command-line scripts we previously used to gather information about our Unix projects. PA warns you if a full disk presents a critical problem and as new data is loaded, PA helps identify inactive projects that can be archived to free up valuable disk space."


Exprodat’s Technical Architect Bruce Rodney added, “Project Administrator fills the gray area between IT, application support and data management, where problems can be difficult to diagnose. PA lets you analyze ‘logical’ projects, where data is spread across several physical file systems and databases. The bottom line is reduced downtime costs and happier and more productive users.”


Exprodat claims that PA delivers an easier-to-manage project environment in which problems are anticipated and resolved proactively. PA offers a simple, customizable web interface, providing intuitive access to a range of reporting tools. Automatic email notification and aggregated ‘dashboard’ displays of key system indicators provide early warning of potential problems.


Project Administrator is the third of Exprodat’s web-based developments. Project Browser, developed in 2000, introduced rapid browsing of online project data, irrespective of format or location. The Browser was acquired by Landmark and is now sold as Web Open Works. Project Archiver, also acquired by Landmark, is now marketed as the ‘Corporate Data Archiver’. More from www.exprodat.com.

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