Digital Oilfield for Canadian operators

Three Canadian operators are using Digital Oilfield’s e-business tools to exchange financial data. A new release of OpenInvoice leverages the new API ComProServ PIDX XML-based data standard and ERP data validation.

Anadarko Canada Corporation, EnCana Corporation and Nexen Inc. are now receiving and approving invoices in a live production environment, using Digital Oilfield (DO)’s OpenInvoice Internet-based solution. OpenInvoice is used to automate invoicing and field ticket reconciliation in the companies’ western Canadian field operations.


EnCana CIO Hayward Walls said, “Digital Oilfield’s technology is an important part of our strategy. We have been able to see results within a matter of months of the deal and have already transacted with a broad range of suppliers, from very small to very large.”


Anadarko Canada IT director Robert Austin commented, “Implementing OpenInvoice has improved our business workflow processes by integrating directly into our accounts payable system. This seamless field-ticket to ERP system process has allowed us to capture spend data right down to the line item, as well as to significantly reduce professional staff time that is better utilized elsewhere.”


The latest release of OpenInvoice (Version 3.6) now includes company specific business rules, support of PIDX XML document standards, and enhanced Credit Invoice functionality.


DO VP of development Doug Spackman said, “The new release lets operators configure business rules to control the coding of invoice line items. Code verification ensures that only valid codes are imported into the various ERP systems. For example, operators can define how their own AFE coding rules, cost centers and GL coding will be implemented.


The new XML invoice import function allows a digital invoice to be created as an XML document that can be loaded directly into OpenInvoice. This feature saves the suppliers from manually entering invoice data that has already been entered in their own accounting systems, while at the same time taking advantage of workflow process improvement. DO has worked closely with operators and suppliers to leverage the API PIDX document standards.

PIDX RP 3901

The new release supports the PIDX RP 3901 XML transactions standards using PIDX formats for invoice document exchange, and RNIF 2.0 for the transport, routing and packaging protocol. Also included in Version 3.6 is enhanced Credit Invoice functionality, providing improved workflows in the browser-based user interface. In addition, Credit Invoices can be transmitted electronically via the PIDX XML electronic standard.

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