CGG claims 15 teraflops world-wide

CGG’s worldwide seismic processing capacity has been upgraded to a nominal 15 teraflops with over 10,000 CPU’s deployed in its 3 processing hubs.

CGG’s worldwide network of seismic data processing centers has passed the 10,000 CPU mark with a world-wide total capacity of over 15 Teraflops.


The increased computing power follows the recent installation of an additional 1536 CPUs in Houston, 1088 in London and 320 in Kuala Lumpur. CGG will use the new compute power to support its ‘A+’ anisotropic pre-stack time and depth migration services and its WaveVista shot-domain migration.


Guillaume Cambois, Executive VP for Data Processing and Reservoir Services, said, “This increased computer capacity is in line with our commitment to provide clients with the best seismic products and the shortest possible turnaround times. It also demonstrates our mastery of PC cluster technology.”


All CGG processing centers, whether open or dedicated, have their own computing power and can draw additional capacity from any of the three regional “hubs” in Houston, London and KL.

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