CMG IMEX’s 108 cell record breaker

A record 112 million cell reservoir model has been successfully modeled with CMG’s Imex parallel simulator. An 8 CPU PowerPC-based IBM 690 took 32 hours on the job.

Canadian Computer Modeling Group (CMG) has claimed a world record for its Imex simulator. The new parallel Imex simulator successfully completed a 112 million cell black oil model on an 8 CPU IBM 690 with 256 GB of ram.


The 3-component waterflood model contained 200 wells and 90 patterns. A PowerPC-based IBM eServer running IBM’s AIX 5.1 OS was used for the simulation. A preliminary, single CPU test with CMG’s Aimsol linear solver modeled the reservoir for one time step (0.5 days of simulated time) in only 4.7 hours of CPU time.


Next CMG’s Parasol linear solver was run using 8 CPUs for 68 simulator time steps (322 days of simulated time) in only 32 hours of CPU time. CMG claims that the test result demonstrates the feasibility of

full-field, single and dual porosity/permeability modeling of primary and secondary recovery processes for giant and supergiant fields.

Streamline validation

CMG also believes that its new parallel processing capability will set new benchmarks for reservoir property upscaling and permit the validation of geocellular-scale streamline simulation results. Work is ongoing to port GEM (CMG’s EOS-compositional reservoir simulator) and STARS (CMG’s thermal/chemical reaction/geomechanics simulator) to the IBM platform for single and multiple processor operation.

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