GigaViz performs

Scott Pickford has benchmarked VoxelVision’s GigaViz clusters against GeoQuest’s Autopix with surprising results.

Core Lab unit Scott-Pickford (SP) has been testing its compute-intensive 3D depth conversion software ‘Velit’ on VoxelVision’s GigaViz cluster engine. Nick Crabtree, manager geophysical projects said, “We compared GigaViz’ autotracker against GeoQuest’s Autopix over a huge middle-eastern oilfield. Where the GeoQuest tool took 4 hours, GigaViz tracked the same horizon in under 30 seconds with a better result and without having to interpret a grid of seed lines first.” SP’s Velit and Cubit packages are to be bundled with GigaViz along with a depth conversion ‘wizard’. SP’s Mark Beasley added, “GigaViz is the ideal platform for a true 3D depth conversion module. We use the cluster engine to parallelize cube generation—a process which scales with the numbers of CPUs in the cluster.”


In a separate deal, VoxelVision is to cooperate with Ødegaard’s Norwegian unit to offer seismic-derived rock property volumes over the internet. Ødegaard’s clients can perform visualization and interpretation at any location and any time using Voxel-Vision’s client/server technology. Ødegaard’s ISIS is said to ‘make the QC of inversion volumes a faster and more accurate task’.

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