SIS FloMatic asset planner

Schlumberger has licensed FloMatic asset planning software from Venezuelan software house PetroSoft. The new tool will integrate SIS’ production planning suite.

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) has licensed Venezuela-based PetroSoft CA’s FloMatic software. FloMatic is now part of the SIS production planning chain. FloMatic is described as a common economic evaluation platform for the analysis of field development projects.


FloMatic helps the planning engineer estimate oil and gas production profiles, physical characteristics of the products for sale and resulting cash flow for different economic scenarios. FloMatic provides a standard workflow within an organization, enabling like for like comparisons for project ranking and selection.


Jaime Barriga SIS drilling and production portfolio manager said, “FloMatic has proven to be a valuable planning tool for hundreds of users. It is the final link in the SIS production planning chain and completes the workflow from field development tools that define production forecasts to economic evaluation models.”


“FloMatic will enhance the Merak Value and Risk software suite by providing asset information required for comprehensive economic evaluations that lead to better long-term planning and more effective utilization of resources.”


Former PetroSoft president Robert Barletta has joined Schlumberger as FloMatic project manager. Barletta added, “As part of SIS, with its dedication to research and technology, and its worldwide support infrastructure, FlowMatic will undoubtedly become the standard tool for asset development and production planning.”

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