Landmark buys into WITSML

Landmark’s OpenWire connects OpenWorks to real-time drilling information using the new WITSML standard.

Halliburton unit Landmark Graphics has announced the release of OpenWire – its new technology for moving real-time drilling data such as MWD/LWD, into OpenWorks. OpenWire uses the embryonic Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML) to offer an open interface to data from any drilling service provider.


Landmark acquired its WITSML technology from Houston-based NPSi. NPSi was contracted by BP, Statoil, Shell and other companies to evolve the original binary WITS standard into a modern XML format. XML promises greater portability, and flexibility in data transfer.


Statoil senior system consultant Frode Lande said, “Statoil has been participating as a partner and test site for OpenWire during the entire development phase, and we find it to be a very useful tool. Seamless import of real time rig-site data into OpenWorks makes OpenWire an important component of the drilling work process. Because OpenWire is built on WITSML, it is a future-oriented tool and can be used against WITSML servers from any vendor—an important consideration given the multiplicity of service providers at the rig site.”


Custodianship of the new WITSML standard was handed over to the Petroleum Open Software Corporation (POSC) at the POSC fall member meeting in London this month.

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