Anadarko’s assets hosted

Anadarko has signed with Landmark’s Asset Management service for hosted infrastructure to support a GOM project.

Anadarko Petroleum has contracted Landmark to host an integrated suite of seismic and geological software applications, utilities and subsurface data for a deep-water Gulf of Mexico project. This project represents one of the first times that asset teams will work together in real-time from different locations while working on the same data sets and applications hosted in a central site.


Jim Emme, Anadarko VP said, “The Gulf of Mexico is an important exploration area for Anadarko and we're continually searching for the best tools and technology that will help us unlock new discoveries. This new technology illustrates how we hope to dramatically improve the way we work together with our partners and share data across the industry in order to overcome the challenges of exploration.”


Landmark and Accenture have cooperated on the real time asset management center—which was demonstrated in spectacular style at the San Antonio SPE ACTE this month.

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