Landmark’s PowerView

Landmark’s new SeisWorks add-on ‘PowerView’ supports ad-hoc visualization and analysis for time lapse and attribute analysis.

Landmark Graphics Corp. has just released PowerView for SeisWorks, an integrated visualization and analysis tool that enables asset teams to view 4D seismic, multiple 3D seismic surveys and seismic attributes concurrently. The PowerView visualization environment enables SeisWorks users to interpret time-lapse 3-D seismic and multi-attribute data more efficiently.


Andy Lane, Landmark’s president and CEO said, “Today’s seismic interpreters are constantly challenged to improve productivity in the face of continuously mounting volumes of seismic data, a growing variety of data types and increasingly complex reservoirs. Landmark continues to create innovative technologies like SeisWorks PowerView to help our customers meet these challenges.”


Landmark’s PowerView is built on the traditional map-viewing paradigm. Concurrent and interactively linked views of multiple data sets and attribute types enhance interpreter productivity and accuracy. Interpreters can view multiple reservoir images simultaneously, revealing geologic relationships not discovered in conventional interpretation workflows.”

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