E-field reality for stripper wells

A new suite of sensors from startup Luna iMonitoring is to be connected via low cost wireless links to IHS Energy’s web data collection system FieldDirect.

Startup Luna iMonitoring has developed a range of hardware sensors for oilfield operations to lower the cost of remote monitoring and control. The new products leverage lightweight communication paradigms such as WiFi spread-spectrum radio and economical low bandwidth satellite links. IHS Energy Group is collaborating with Luna incorporate the new sensors into its web-based data collection service Field-Direct. A 50% cost reduction relative to traditional SCADA automation methods is claimed.


IHS Energy Group president Mike McCrory observes that, “Only 20 percent of active wells throughout the world are currently monitored or automated. Important well information is not being captured and consequently, operators may not be optimizing well performance. Today, engineers have to manage more fields and more wells, so that providing a cost-effective and efficient means to manage these wells is significant. The advent of inexpensive microprocessors and sensors will certainly pay dividends in the oil field. Our customers will know instantly when a well is experiencing problems, and will be able to tune their pumping systems to optimize performance and minimize downtime, which will enhance the bottom line much more quickly.”


Luna CEO Ken Ferris said, “IHS’ web-based, field data collection service is the most innovative in the industry and we are excited to be helping take that service and the oil and gas industry to the next wave of automation innovation.” More on Luna in next month’s Oil IT Journal report from the 2002 SPE ACTE.

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