SGI provides real-time link to offshore

Statoil is adding three new Reality Center installations to its installed base of two. The new centers will trial remote, real time command and control technologies for offshore drilling.

Statoil has acquired three new Reality Centers from SGI. The high end visualization units will be used in Statoil’s regional offices. The company had previously acquired two units.

Real-time drilling

One innovative use for the visualization tools will be to provide real-time three-dimensional imagery of offshore drilling. On-shore personnel in the Reality Center will be able to monitor and control operations.

Onyx 3400

The installations will be powered by SGI Onyx 3400 graphical supercomputers, each with 16 CPUs, 32GB of memory, two InfiniteReality3 graphics subsystems and a two-channel flat display. SGI reports that 120 out of its 575 SGI Reality Center facilities around the world are installed at oil and gas companies.

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