Borehole seismic consolidation

Baker Atlas has acquired CGG’s borehole seismic business. The companies have also formed a joint venture to develop new processing and interpretation tools for downhole seismics.

Baker Hughes unit Baker Atlas has signed a letter of intent with CGG to purchase its borehole seismic data acquisition business and to form a venture with CGG for the processing and interpretation of borehole seismic data. Independent borehole seismic data acquisition services have proved a hard sell in the past because of the stranglehold the wireline company has over wellsite logistics, instrument conveyance and general tendering.

Special studies

Although the heydays of VSP are behind us—downhole seismic is seeing renewed interest in special studies such as anisotropy analysis, crosswell tomography and AVO calibration.


CGG’s portfolio of downhole seismic instrumentation includes the SST 500 high frequency multi level tool and the MSR-600 slim-hole receivers. BA’s borehole seismic toolkit includes the Multi Level Receiver (MLR). Baker Atlas will roll CGG’s borehole seismic acquisition capability into its existing product portfolio.


CGG and Baker Atlas expect the new joint venture in borehole seismic data processing and interpretation to offer an improvement over what is currently available. The intent is to provide ‘boutique-style’ processing and to develop new end-user focused applications. The new venture’s primary processing centers will be located in within CGG’s existing processing facilities in London and in Houston and will be supported by Baker Atlas’ worldwide network of local geoscience centers.

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