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Schlumberger has a new boss, T-Surf is changing name, Scitech and Microsoft have been hiring and CGG shows largesse to a Scottish university.


Schlumberger chairman and CEO Euan Baird is to retire next February. He will be succeeded by Andrew Gould, who is currently president and COO. Gould joined Schlumberger from Ernst & Young in 1975.


T-Surf—the developer of the GoCad modeling software—is changing its name to Earth Decision Sciences. The name change reflects the expanded scope of the company’s application portfolio from subsurface modeling into decision support.


Energy Scitech Ltd. has appointed Neil Dunlop to its main board as sales and marketing director. Dunlop was previously with Landmark Graphics.


Microsoft has hired Marisé Mikulis as Energy industry manager and senior strategist for enterprise solutions in the energy industry. Mikulis was previously with the now defunct


CGG has donated its Geocluster seismic processing software to Scotland’s Heriot Watt University. Similar gifts have been made recently to US, French and Norwegian institutions. Geocluster comprises some 300 processing modules for depth imaging, converted waves, time-lapse seismic, stratigraphic inversion, fractures and reservoir characterization.

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