New multi-phase simulator

Statoil and Scandpower Petroleum Technology have signed an agreement for the release of a new-generation transient multiphase flow simulator.

Scandpower is embarking on a new project—code named OPUS—to integrate Statoil’s PeTra multi-phase modeling tool with Scandpower’s flagship OLGA 2000 simulator.


Multiphase technology and flow assurance are key to many offshore developments where satellite fields are tied-in to existing infrastructure. Hydrocarbons from subsea wellheads are piped to floating production facilities via extensive flowline and riser systems. In Statoil’s Snøhvit development, multiphase streams from remote gas and condensate fields will be transferred 200 km to onshore processing plants for subsequent processing and export.

Joint industry project

Statoil, Norsk Hydro and Shell cooperated on the PEtroleum TRAnsport (PeTra) project—a new generation multiphase simulation. The project has reached maturity and Scandpower has been chosen by Statoil to undertake the commercialization of the new simulator world wide.


The new simulator will integrate improved physical understanding of multiphase flow, advanced modeling techniques based on C++, a new graphical user interface, updated process models and thorough verification against both experimental and field data. OLGA is licensed to most of the major oil companies and is used for conceptual studies, detailed design, and operational support for ‘the majority of all new oil and gas field developments’.

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