New Quorum Land release

Quorum Business Solutions has released a GIS-enabled version of its Quorum Land application.

Quorum Business Solutions Inc. has released a new version of its Quorum Land application, described as a ‘cost-effective and flexible’ solution for managing land information. Quorum Land, deployed by a number of leading E&P companies, integrates lease, contract, fee property and easement land data within a single application.


The new version incorporates a geographical information system (GIS) front-end and allows browser-based access to the data. The system offers reporting with technology from Business Objects and links to financial applications, including SAP and ORACLE, to streamline business processes and reduce manual activities such as filing, copying, faxing and mailing.


David Moore, Senior Landman with Occidental said, “The Quorum Land solution has significantly reduced the time required by our company to manage data input, research documents, share information and generate internal and external reports.”


Quorum president Paul Weidman said, “Quorum Land was created with direct user participation and those users continue to actively work with us to ensure that the product remains a compelling solution for professional land managers.”


Quorum recently joined the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts (NALTA) and is taking part in NALTA’s land data transfer standardization efforts. More from

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