Robertson’s Target

Asset Geoscience has sold its ‘Target’ database of North Sea E&P drilling results and potential to Robertson Research.

Fugro unit Robertson Research International (RRI) has acquired the Target UK, Target Norway and Undeveloped Discoveries businesses from Asset Geoscience. Target will be maintained as a stand-alone piece of software, but will benefit from further integration with other digital and non-digital products and services in the Robertson range, including Wisdom and Tellus. Target is a portfolio management tool that identifies target formations and drilling results. Success rates and reserves distribution for each exploration play can be analyzed.


RRI director Simon Kendall says, “We look forward to developing the full potential of Target through software enhancements and geographic extensions. We will also let companies analyze their own proprietary data in conjunction with the huge volume of data that Asset Geoscience has collected. We will be talking with existing and future clients to explore this and other possibilities.”


Asset Geoscience director Chris Dodd added “This is a positive step forward for Target and leverages Roberson’s scale, depth of knowledge and access to international markets.” Asset Geoscience will continue as an independent consulting company.

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