Chevron, Schlumberger in Lost Hills

Chevron and Schlumberger scientists are to collaborate on enhancing recovery from the 90 year old Lost Hills field in California.

Chevron and Schlumberger are collaborating to squeeze the last drop of oil from a field discovered in 1910. The ‘Value Enhancement Alliance’ sets out to improve recovery from the Lost Hills oil field in Kern County, California.


The alliance, which integrates Schlumberger project management and technical personnel into Chevron’s Bakersfield office, will focus on all areas of the recovery and production process. This focused collaboration is expected to result in new innovations associated with improved drilling and fracture techniques, reservoir analysis methods, and downhole treatment fluids and tools.


Schlumberger Oilfield Services VP Gary Kolstad said, “This is a great opportunity for us to work with Chevron to leverage technologies and maximize the recovery from this challenging field.” Interest was sparked in 1998 when a gas blowout and fire spectacularly demonstrated the deep potential of Lost Hills.

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