SiteScape for Shell E&P

Web-based knowledge management from SiteScape Forum is helping Shell International build communities of practice in upstream.

Shell International Exploration and Production (SIEP) is using SiteScape Forum to create global communities of practice (COP). SIEP claims ‘breakthrough’ performance through sharing and applying talents, learning, and resources globally.

van Unnik

Shell’s Arjan van Unnik says, “We hook up people who are working in related disciplines in Shell companies around the world so they can problem solve and share learnings and ideas. The big trick is to go further than connecting people in the same disciplines. We get excellent cross-fertilization of disciplines – for example, pipeline engineers and corrosion engineers sharing information and ideas, thereby coming up with better and more complete solutions – that’s how we get great value.”


Shell has 13 COPs with over 10,000 users. The main COPs are in sub-surface, wells and surface disciplines, but smaller COPs exist in supporting cross disciplines, like Finance, Procurement, HR, and Health, Safety & Environment. A value review completed in 2000, estimated annual business benefits of over $200 million from this initiative.

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