Seismic sounding

Phoenix Data Solutions’ SeisVu SEG-Y manipulation package has been upgraded. The new freeware version includes a sonification option.

Although seismic data is made up of sound waves, they are usually ‘seen but not heard.’ Phoenix Data Solutions aims to change this and have included in their SeisVu software the ability to play seismics through a PC’s sound card and speakers. Phoenix admits that a serious use of this capability has yet to be found, but believes that the novelty will increase the popularity of its SeisVu freeware.


SeisVu is a Windows based viewer for seismic data in SEG-Y format. The free version permits (as well as the sound feature) color density, or conventional variable area/wiggle representations. Headers can be checked on-screen, and sample distributions and clipping levels analyzed.

V 3. 1

The latest full version of SeisVu (3.1) is now a fully-featured toolkit for reading, writing, manipulating, plotting and editing SEG-Y files. Basic processing steps, such as convolution with a user-specified wavelet, frequency filtering and AGC are included. SeisVu was first released a year ago, since then over 1,200 copies have been downloaded from Phoenix’s web site .

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